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Weston Adams
Julian Adams
Billy Fox


A. Blaine Miller


Julian Adams
Weston Adams


Robert W. Filion
Steve Purcell

Phantom - Day of Judgement


Filled with passion, blood and tragedy, The Last Confederate is a tumultuous true story of one man's love for country and for Eveline McCord, his girl from the north.

In an emotionally charged performance, Julian Adams is his great-great grandfather Robert Adams, a strong willed southern Captain in the midst of the American Civil War, who used his guns and his heart of fire to rally his men to fight for their lands.

Robert was a planter, and soon to be southern captain, who fell in love with Eveline, an intelligent, kind and strong willed school teacher from the north.

Just as they met, The Civil War was upon them. All he knew was tied into the conflict and the one thing that he held to was his love for this northern woman. He knew that he might sacrifice all he had if he entered into this conflict. He believed in protecting the life he had, and the life he wanted, but he knew the price would be great. His quest for survival grew as the war worsened. He was captured and sent to prison; he lost his best friend; his town was burned and the war was all but lost. Robert's connection to Eveline weakened and he lost the path he believed he was on. Her love for him would be the one thing that could carry him through.

Produced, written and directed by the descendents of Robert and Eveline, this is an explosive, richly detailed saga of fierce combat, honor and the will to risk all that's precious for love or country.